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To design, create, and maintain technology based solutions that resolve real world challenges.

Software and Stuff




Acquia, Inc. – QA Automation Engineer

CommonPlaces, Inc. – Director of Engineering / Senior Internet Engineer

EZ-RATER Systems – Chief Technical Officer / Developer
(Customized rate-quotation software)

Genuity – Tier II Unix System Administrator
(Large scale Unix platform hosting)

Software Partners – Quality Assurance Tester / Web programming
(Product testing and misc web programming tasks)

Education / Training:

Solaris 8 System Administration I
Solaris 8 System Administration II

Computer Science II, III, AP
Independent Study in Advanced Computer Modeling and 3D Animation
Student Volunteer Internship Program in Computers Labs
Student Web Master / Student Web Master In Training


Industrial Automaton’s Droid Series (How to model an R2-D2 droid in Rhinoceros 3D)

Volunteer/Beta Testing:
Duke Engineering
Ace-Interactive Entertainment
Mc Neal & Associates
Mastering 3D Graphics