Mastering 3D Graphics: 1999

I’ve recently been trying to get some of my old work back onto the internet, at least out of and onto something I can reference without fear of it disappearing. It’s funny how being busy and learning new things can cause you not to value the path you travel, until you want to reflect on where you have travelled.

This, for me, brings back so many memories. As part of getting involved in the 3D modeling / animation community as a teenager, I volunteered to do work for a online magazine called ‘Mastering 3D Graphics‘. What you are seeing is the end result of:

  1. a program written in Visual Basic to produce HTML files based of a folder of images from various artists
  2. a set of scripted filters in Photoshop to create beveled thumb-nailed images from the higher quality original screen shots (mass processing)

In essence it was a gallery system to showcase various artists work. This is somewhat related to the 3D Creature Workshop book / magazine (IIRC) by Bill Flemming