Mastering 3D Graphics: How to model an R2-D2 droid in Rhinoceros 3D (1999)


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Below are the screen shots from my original tutorial for Mastering 3D Graphics: How to model an R2-D2 droid in Rhinoceros 3D. The actual tutorial has been lost to bit rot, thus far. The software was an early version of Rhinoceros … Continue reading

Gasoline Graphs

Historic data from my 10 year old Cavalier, until it encountered costly repairs:

A close up of the data at the end, showing my new corolla stats:

Using the old data, I was able to keep a close eye on how my driving habits influenced my gas consumption. Information allows informed actions, this simplest of data is the cause of a lot of wasted efforts addressing the wrong problems and coming to even more wrong conclusions. Next on my list is a wifi temperature network for the farm house.

120 hours of outage

So we lost power, then had a tree fall on our house. Well, two trees,… one on each side. Roof damage, window damage, but no one was hurt and the house took the load well. Still dealing with cleanup, insurance, repairs, and the aftermath of 5 days without power.

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New Home in NH

The Old Farm House

The Old Farm House

It needs some work and some TLC, but we have a new home in NH. Just need to finish moving over stuff and we can get to work on fixing and documenting. This post is mainly for those that aren’t following me on facebook.