PHP optimized files

Why exactly are my php optimized files taking twice as long as raw source when being included/required? Time for some investigation…

So, got a support ticket open. Pretty much across the board my ubuntu encoded files running on freebsd, are twice as slow as identical raw source during require/include, but not execution!

–update– 2011-02-08
Not just twice as slow on freebsd, same on an aws setup linux using all the latests builds.

–update– 2011-03-06
For those hitting this page, the issue appears to be that encoded PHP files encoded by Zend Guard are taking twice as long to include/require on a linux or freebsd server. For me, with larger size files, this is causing a noticeable slow down in request processing because I am not using an opcode cache. I am attempting to establish if this is expected behavior or a bug…

–update– 2011-03-08
So, the final verdict is that this is not a bug per say, and just a reality of life of encoded files. It was the question I posed originally, but it took quite a while to get there as a final answer. At least in my cases, zend encoded files without also using an opcode cache, make little sense from a performance measure. Which is a pity as they ended support on FreeBSD also. Time for other options to be considered I suppose.