New toys

4 weeks ago or so I decided to replace my aging 19″ non-stero tv. So I poked around and found a HD LCD TV I liked that was good on price, because I could not spend much money on something where I also have to spend money to effectively use (Comcast). So I decided on the LM320EM8 by Emerson and I snagged it for under the $480 mark.

So this gives me a 32″ HD LCD TV, now comes the strong desire to wall mount it and get it out of the way. After some hunting I located the Articulating Swingout Arm (AM2) by Premier Mounts. Most mounts for 32″ and up are the single plane rotation and expensive, where as I wanted a proper arm to move it off the wall. Plus, paying 1/5th the cost of the tv on a hunk of metal also seemed wrong, so I grabbed this arm for well under $50 with S&H (1/10th tv cost). The reviews were good and like the reviews I used my own hex bolts instead of the screws they included (all stripped). I’d recommend both products for the price minded consumer, and especially the mount because they all seem excessively priced. Assuming the TV lasts that long, I should be set for another 5+ years.