Sun and Intel, time for an upgrade.

Earlier today I was glad to start watching part of the Sun/Intel announcement… but, I had some phone calls and paused it. When I un-paused it, real player croaked. I reloaded the page and to my surprise saw ‘The Webcast is being archived. Please come back shortly for the replay.’!

Fine, I can wait a bit… several hours later… still says the same thing. I used to work heavily with Sun gear when I was a SysAdmin at Genuity. My love for *BSD and my acceptance of linux caused me to wonder what Solaris was doing years ago. I used to love those big 32 cpu boxen, but I’d hate to have to use whatever technology takes them this long to do an archive…

Apple TV and IPhone, watch the moving hand…

With the apple keynote yesterday, Jobs introduced the iPhone and Apple TV. With the iPhone getting much of the attention (watch the keynote videos if you have not). Both look like great products and should ruffle enough feathers of traditional companies to make heads turn. But I think there are some unmentioned opportunities at play.

If internet content can get onto tv in an easy manner, suddenly owning the most popular online video provider with the possibility to show adds around the page, or before/after the video, or do handle the transactions surrounding the video would seem like a good idea. Especially if you get to buy the company for very little cash, but lots of stock. Google did that when they bought YouTube.

It also might explain the net neutrality concerns these companies have, understandably. I still stick by some comments I made a while back on /..

The iPhone is out in 6 months, AppleTV in 1 month. I do not see Microsoft moving fast enough to keep apple out of the homes of many this year. Yeah for innovation, this stuff is long, long overdue.