PHP Performance and opcode caching

I have been playing around with a free opcode cache recently called XCache. I’ve been fairly happy with the performance gains, given the price and the cost of the competition at Zend. I love their ZDE and debugger, but their prices have always been an issue with me and the wallet. XCache is still being developed, but I’ve seen some nice speed increases on my windows development box, but have yet to deploy it to a production box. This sort of mechanism should be built into the language, but I’ll have to wait for a future version of PHP before that happens. At least JSON is now in the language by default.

Douglas Crockford, JSONRequest and the module tag

I was present for a few of Douglas Crockford‘s presentations at The Ajax Experience back in October, and wanted to post links to help raise awareness of his proposals. It was his pages which started me using JSON in web applications about a year or so ago. It is so much easier and cleaner than XML.

His more recent related requests include JSON Request and The < Module > tag, both of which are very interesting and could have a big impact on web applications.